In Melbourne, Victoria’s capital, life moves at a relaxed pace, despite the high caffeine-content of the local coffee (your order: a flat white).

In the city centre or CBD, graffiti-graced laneways fork off from the arterial streets: here, tucked away behind unassuming facades, are some of Melbourne’s best restaurants, bars and boutiques. Once you’ve unwrapped the city, sally forth to savour spa breaks in Daylesford, arty adventures in the Goldfields, country thrills in the Yarra Valley or beach-hopping along the Great Ocean Road. Nature- and wildlife-packed adventures await.

Miranda Krestovnikoff is a British radio and TV presenter specialising in nature. She is a qualified scuba diver, a wandering gourmet and an accomplished musician. We sent her to Melbourne to report back on her adventures; you can watch her video from Melbourne above.

The Great Ocean Road
Miranda says: “A fascinating experience on my journey round Australia was driving the famous Great Ocean Road – it was great to hit the road and feel free. The drive is stunning: you can take the road all the way from Melbourne to Adelaide. As you drive the road, which is cut into the cliffs, you have the huge expanse of the ocean to one side of you for much of the way: the scenery here is like something from a film set.”

The Bay
Miranda says:”Today I met with Judith Muir, who runs Polperro dolphin tours, based in Sorrento. Judith is the most inspirational lady I have had the pleasure to meet. Her boat crew included her two sons Troy and Ben, marine biologist Jess and Theo. They were such fun and so knowledgeable about the ocean, its wildlife and how to care for both.

We toured Port Philip bay in Judith’s boat on the hunt for dolphins and spotted a couple riding the bow waves of the local ferry. These magical animals are guaranteed to put a smile on your face whenever you see them. Leaping in the bow waves, they seemed to be having a great time. They moved off with the ferry, which gave us chance to swim with some local fur seals. A large group, mainly males, gathered on a structure in the bay called the Chinese Hat; the juveniles in particular were incredibly friendly and inquisitive in the water. It was like being a child again, playing in the water with mates.”

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