If any Australian city had you reaching for your paintbrush, it would be picturesque Perth, whose gold-and-blue beaches are world-famous for good reason.

Unsurprisingly, Perth is home to an insatiable surf culture, but there’s plenty to do here for landlubbers, too: galleries, theatres and bars are scattered throughout, the food scene is superlative and the city is a launch pad to further-afield adventures. Make time for wildlife-spotting on Rottnest Island (or ‘Rotto’, to the locals), mellow Margaret River, the scenic Southern Forests, the Kimberley’s sun-baked desertscapes and Ningaloo Reef’s sub-aqua thrills.

Miranda Krestovnikoff is a British radio and TV presenter specialising in nature. She is a qualified scuba diver, a wandering gourmet and an accomplished musician. We sent her to Perth to report back on her adventures; you can watch her video from Perth above

Miranda says: ‘Perth’s a great city, but for a more wild adventure, I headed south along the dramatic South West Cape. Back home in the UK, walking is a favourite pastime, so I headed to the Cape to Cape Track in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. The track takes you along stunning scenery; the coastline is wild and rugged. Moving on down to Margaret River, I had heard of the region before, but I hadn’t realised that it’s home to hundreds of underground caves. I’ve explored a few pretty special caves in my time, but nothing could prepare me for the spectacle that awaited just a short walk up from Yallingup Beach. My guide was local: Josh, from Koomal Dreaming, whose family have lived in this area for many years and have exclusive access to the Ngilgi Cave. It was such a privilege to be with Josh and hear his stories about the area and his own explorations of the caves as a youngster.  Every inch of the cave was smothered in rock formations – stalactites, stalagmites and strange horizontal helictites – but the real highlight, thanks to the haunting acoustics, was hearing Josh play his didgeridoo.’

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