Getting there with Singapore Airlines

1. Watch what you eat. Airlines have upped their game in recent years in a bid to please the palates of discerning passengers. Singapore Airlines sources seasonal local produce and employs skilled sommeliers to select the finest vintages. The carrier goes the extra mile to ensure dining is en pointe. Its International Culinary Panel – a team of eight celebrated chefs from around the world – harnesses culinary creativity to devise an evolving array of delicious dishes inspired by different cultures and food traditions. Passengers flying Premium Economy, Business, First and Suites can even pre-order their meals through the airline’s Book The Cook service.

2. Stay Hydrated. Whilst there might be temptation to take full advantage of the wide selection of wines, sprits and beers available on-board, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially during long-haul flights. It’s a good idea therefore to drink a litre of still mineral water at least one hour before the flight and keep topping up throughout the flight.

3. Singapore Airline’s cabin crew are trained to pair world-class wines with dishes, helping passengers to savour the flavours and truly enjoy their in-flight dining experience. Reducing caffeine intake can also help you feel relaxed and rested.

4. Doing some low-impact exercise before a long-haul flight boosts blood circulation and helps fight body fatigue. In-seat exercises are also encouraged throughout. In turn, exercise can lead to better quality sleep so is definitely encouraged before a long flight. Pre-flight spa treatments are also a great way to feel relaxed before take-off.

5. It is easy to lose yourself during a Singapore Airline’s flight with over 1,000 films to choose from. The airline has a companion app which enables customers to review In-flight entertainment content before they board.

6. Keep your skin feeling refreshed with a hydrating face mist. Every few hours, have a couple of sprays and feel revitalised. For added comfort, bring a neck pillow and an eye-mask too to help aid sleep. Your favourite lip balm and hand lotion will also come in handy.

7. Singapore Airline’s Premium Economy and Business Class cabins bring that bit of extra comfort. Each Premium Economy seat has 38 inches of legroom, calf and foot rests and an eight-inch recline for extra comfort. Our Business Class seat is the widest in the world, measuring 34” in width. The Business Class seats can be folded to transform into a comfortable fully-flat bed, complete with dedicated sleeping surface for a more restful sleep and will ensure passengers land feeling rested.

8. Singapore Airlines has a few tricks up its sleeve to make flying an enjoyable experience for the whole family. The airline’s on demand in-flight entertainment includes a host of child-friendly films, TV shows and games, along with fun activity packs and toys making it hard for kids to get bored. Parents can also call on the cabin crew to assist with children for some relaxation time.

9. Bring layers to stay at your preferred temperature and don’t forget some thick socks and slippers.

10. Talk to the crew! Singapore Airlines has earned a reputation for service excellence and has a cabin crew who are all very customer-orientated. The crew undergo a four-month training programme, one of the longest and most comprehensive in the airline industry and are there for safety and comfort.

Begin your Australian adventure in style with Singapore Airlines. Fly one-stop to Perth from £635; one-stop to Melbourne, Adelaide or Darwin from £660; one-stop to Sydney, Brisbane or Cairns from £665; one-stop to Canberra from £690. Stop off in award-winning Changi in Singapore and find out why it’s been named the Best Airport in the World 29 times in a row by the readers of Business Traveller.

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