1) Saint Peter

The original Saint Peter was a fisherman – so it’s apt that Saint Peter the restaurant writes an edible love-letter to Australian fish and seafood. The menu changes daily, in accordance with what’s wriggling about in the waters, but you could reasonably expect to sample succulent, briny oysters, calamari with extras (thyme and tomato, for example), and a pleasingly upmarket fish ‘n’ chips, perhaps starring battered Bateau Bay teraglin. There’s even a chance to try fish offal, including livers, swim bladder, roe and scales. If you’re in a rush to get home, opt for takeaway – fingerlickingly good – though it’d be a shame to miss out on this saint’s buzzy Oxford Street vibes.

2) Trunk Road

The stars behind Surry Hills’ beloved Bang hit have scored another smash hit with Trunk Road, a fun-loving, candle-lit, wallet-friendly Indian-inspired find in darling Darlinghurst. Brits will feel at home with a plate of the cheese-topped curried chips, just one treat on the Bangladeshi-influenced menu; don’t miss the ‘roadies’: koti rolls with a choice of fillings (tandoori steak, cheese sauce, onion bhaji, pickle, rocket and roti, for example) or the daily-changing curry. Spend some time appraising the drinks list too, whose charms include a watermelon G&T – the ultimate tonic to cool spice-warmed mouths – and the Slumdog: dark rum, sloe gin, apricot and lemon.

3) Stanbuli

Transport your tastebuds to Istanbul and Northern Cyprus with help from Stanbuli’s star chef and owner, Ibrahim Kasif, who has long dreamed of opening a meyhane-style restaurant of his own. ‘Meyhane’ means a traditional, nostalgic dining experience, in which food is shared, along with conversations and bonhomie. These principles characterise Stanbuli, whose mmmmm-inducing menu includes treats such as crispy fried zucchini flowers filled with hellim, ricotta and feta with spinach yoghurt, charred cuttlefish with leeks and carrots in olive oil and smoky anchovy sauce, and rosewater milk pudding with mastic ice-cream and strawberry granita. ‘Stanbuli’ is an affectionate nickname for an Istanbul local – you’ll feel like a local too, thanks to the warm and heartfelt service.

4) Rolling Penny

If you needed proof that Sydney can do breakfast and brunch in its sleep, look no further than the Rolling Penny café in mellow Newtown, which encourages visitors to start their day the right way – with Dutch carrots, jamon serrano, fried bread and smoked butter mousse, for example. You’ve heard of smashed avo, here you get bashed avo, teamed with garlic confit, sticky heirloom tomatoes and whipped feta. Warning: you will never look at toast or cereal in the same way, after a meal here. The insanely pretty dishes will have food bloggers and avid Instagrammers practically salivating at the eyeballs.

5) Berkelo

If ‘give us this day our daily bread’ is a familiar mantra, get yourself to Berkelo café in on-the-up Brookvale, where two chefs are on a mission to serve Sydney’s best sourdough. There’s a lemon myrtle version featuring blueberries, grapes and figs; there are moreish macadamia and cacao croissants; there are savory options such as smoked-fish pâté with cucumber and beetroot. Coffee is top-notch and the cakes are worth every calorie. Gluten-free bread-lovers also get a look in. Bready heaven.

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